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May 29, 2006
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Skeletor Hand Me Down "Color" by Arice1995 Skeletor Hand Me Down "Color" by Arice1995
This is the colored version, I'm Glad it is over with the Help of My Sista I'm still learning more about photoshops

Ha ha! yeah that is a Cosplay of Arice (as Skeletor) and Troiy (as the Horned Staff thingy) from the series HE-MAN
I made some few changes on the clothing, but basically it is the same, here's a pic from where I based my drawing and coloring [link] ... ...

... and it does fit Arice just right :horny: oh she dyed her Hair Blond to match Skeletor's Skull face ;) oh where is her Fur ya say??? click here [link]

The Ink Version [link]
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I love this, there's enough left to the imagination to be oh so sexy. And if Skeletor had looked like that in the He-Man series, then I'd have wanted her to catch me. That kitty can pounce me anytime.
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thats friggin hot
Thank you very much :highfive:
yeah i'm nice like that
I love the fantastic perspective views that you have on your character..if I have a chance I would LOVE to do and art trade with you sometime *trots off and deviantwatchs you* hehe
:giggle: Thank you very much for checking ;) Sure we can do some Art-Trade =D
This is such a happy picture! I don't know why, it just reminds me of the carnival season... It's so cheerful and pretty! And I love kitties, so... :+favlove:
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